The Lown Scholars Program

The Lown Scholars Program at the Harvard School of Public Health seeks to create a talented international community of health professionals from developing countries who will use public health tools and strategies to prevent cardiovascular disease and promote cardiac health.

The Lown Scholars Program will train clinicians, scientists, nurses, and other health professionals in many fields including: physiology, nutrition, epidemiology, environmental health, economics, and healthcare delivery. To compliment this training, the Lown Scholars will carry out CVD-related research that is relevant to, or located in, their home country.

The Lown Scholars Program supports two different kinds of scholars. The Scholars-in-Residence Program will provide tuition and living expenses for one year for students who are studying at the Harvard School of Public Health in either a masters or doctoral program. More established scientists are eligible for the Senior Visiting Scholar Program. These scholars will be given support for short-term visits of 2-3 weeks, once or twice a year, to collaborate with colleagues at Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Lown’s commitment to cardiovascular health in the developing world led to the establishment of the Lown Scholars Program in 2008. According to Dr. Vikas Saini, President of the Lown Foundation, “Dr. Lown is a visionary in recognizing the importance of health in forging bridges of understanding among scientists and peoples around the world.” Dr. Lown’s goal has always been to bring young physicians and scholars from developing countries to Harvard School of Public Health to learn how to prevent cardiovascular disease and to carry out research under the direction of outstanding professors. The Lown Scholars program is a continuation of that vision.

To learn more about the Lown Scholars Program or to apply to the program, please visit:

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